Cake that will give you nightmares.

My age, gender, and race shouldn't matter. But what I like is: Cake, horror/Macabre, and cute things like kittens, and many other strange things.

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I remember when I was younger and I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else. By Unknown (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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-Retired Neon Yellow (was way too hard to work with), but added 4 new colors! Mermaid Green, Lapiz, Dark Orchid, and Forest! 20 whole colors to choose from!!

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why is level 5 on your donation page $100? thats so high! :(






Is this a serious ask? Level 5 is for 4 fully coloured pages for a short comic. You should go take a look at other professional artist’s rates for fully coloured work per page.


You should.

i’m just gonna leave this here.


Standard page rate for comics:
Pencils: $100 - $150
Inking: $75 - $100
Color: $75 - $100
Lettering: $50 - $75
Painted page: $200 min

A 4 page comic color comic would run, on the low side, $1000 for painted or $1100 for work that needs an inker.

Shut up anon.

Thank you friend.

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Some hand references.

Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Redid a post by fucktonofanatomyreferencesreborn with sources because they never source anything and I don’t want to reblog that post because I don’t want to support blogs who don’t give credit to people

(No, stating that the art is ~not yours~ and ~came from elsewhere~ IS NOT PROPER CREDIT. Many of these have usernames and such on them but not every single one and you still ought to link back to the specific piece)

I couldn’t source the last one so I didn’t include it.